I joke that the internet is littered with my cast-off blogs, but maybe that’s not such a joke. Anyway, since these days I’m fascinated with Tumblr, I launched itsdlevy.tumblr.com which I think I will mostly use for grown-up, professional-related type things. Yes, I know, there’s an irony in using the Tumblr platform for that.

Anyway, the first post is 5 Tips for Better Live-Tweeting. I’ll admit that the inspiration is one part trying to build my professional credibility in the social media world and one part wanting to have an easy link to send people when I want to scream at them “you’re doing it wrong!” Either way, I stand behind the content. If you’re someone who likes to tweet along with lectures or conferences, I hope you’ll find it helpful.


About itsdlevy

I live in Brooklyn with my cat, Rhoda Morgenstern. I work in Manhattan as the marketing director for a Jewish non-profit organization. I spend too much time at the theater and at brunch and especially at 54 Below. Find me on Twitter (and pretty much anywhere else) as @itsdlevy.

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