David LevyDAVID LAWRENCE LEVY (itsdlevy). Mr. Levy made his internet debut in the early 1990s, by way of the Stephen Sondheim listserv. His first web presence of any consequence was a page he created on Prodigy in tribute to Muppets Johnny Fiama and Sal, appropriately titled “I Dig Johnny Fiama and His Associate Sal.” This page attracted the attention of Bill Barretta, and David had his first taste of the reach of the web.

A native of Stoughton, Massachusetts, David spent his high school years in marching band, show choir, school plays, editing the school newspaper, and working his way up the ranks of USY. Following four years at Harvard College (AB in English and American Literature and Languages), David left the comfort of Adams House for an adventurous job running the day-to-day business affairs of an independent record label devoted to Broadway music. In October, 2001, David’s career aspirations went bust as his sole investor fired everyone associated with the company. David then began selling “retro toys” at Sparky’s Real Swell Stuff on Universal Studio Hollywood’s CityWalk, the world’s largest retailer of PEZ dispensers, candies, and accessories. During the summer of 2002, David moved back east to begin an eight-year odyssey as a Jewish educator working with teenagers. During that time, he earned two masters degrees from Hebrew College, spent three years back at Adams House as the Resident Drama Tutor, freelanced for The Jewish Advocate, covered Boston-area theatre for TalkinBroadway.com, became an editor at Jewschool.com, chaired the board of Keshet, and bought a condo in Jamaica Plain. In June, he became the editor of JewishBoston.com. Yes, that’s a full-time job but, no, he is required to wear pants.

His hobbies include musical theatre, comic books, trying to keep his two cats (Maestro, 14, and Rhoda, 1) from killing each other, and cooking.

You can find him on Twitter as @itsdlevy.


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